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+ 1 (773) 931-3409


supporting the fight

Join our volunteer movement or make a donation.

Latest donation projects

With Winter Come Exceptional Hardships For Soldiers In The Field

Sleeping in below-freeing cold, wet trenches, frozen feet… With this campaign we want to provide warm sleeping bags, thermal under-layers, and extreme cold weather outer-garments to soldiers. Learn More…

RAISED $3,010ㅤ GOal $10,000


Shipping and transportation

Transporting Supplies to the Front Lines in Ukraine Comes at a Cost

From overseas shipping to fuel for the front line trips, logistics in times of war is no easy feat. You can help offset this cost with a recurring donation, as small as $10 a month.


Defend a defender campaign

While Our Warriors are Defending Ukraine, We Have a Chance to Help Defend Them

A reconnaissance drone, night vision device, and 100 tourniquets are on their way to Ukraine to help protect the lives of our heroes. 

RAISED $10,700ㅤ GOal $10,000

Our events

One of the ways we raise funds is through social events. This is a great opportunity to bring our community together, socialize, and take a break from the everyday life. 100% of funds raised at all of our events are donated and turned into support for Ukraine. 

Warm Your Heart and Soul at Our Next Musical Evening!

Saturday, 11 November, 6pm

Protest Against Russian Genocide & Famine Against Ukraine 1932-1933

Saturday, 25 November. 6pm

volunteer-run and focused on victory

We started with a simple desire to help Ukraine and the people defending it. That desire grew to an official non-profit organization that is constantly ramping up its work to more expansive projects. Some of the aid we’ve sent includes individual first aid kits, drones, protective gear, transportation, and even an ambulance.
Your support is imperative for us to continue our work! Please consider donating to our cause and sharing the page with your friends.

our impact



Another med-evac purchased!

Another vehicle was purchased to help save lives and evacuate the wounded.

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ambulance to the rescue

The results of our fundraiser are actively saving lives in Ukraine. 

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roskoliada- a christmas story

The grand finale to our 2022 caroling seasons with the Vertep team resulted in one of our most successful evenings to date. 

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