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Pulse Pledge symbolizes continuous support for the Ukrainian people. At UDF, we are committed to helping the Ukrainian military in their brave resistance to Russian military aggression and terror. Our objectives are:

stabilize funding

Create a reliable stream of resources to plan and execute long-term projects, such as consistently supplying soldiers and combat medics with the latest and best available tactical medicine and evacuation vehicles. Your contributions have saved 300+ lives already. That is over 300 families, that will see their loved ones come back from the front line.

deepen engagement

Build stronger relationships with donors by engaging them regularly and showing the tangible impacts of their contributions. Our non-profit was started as a response to our own fathers, family members, and friends being affected by russian military aggression. Since then, we helped not only them, but hundreds, if not thousands of people. Every month, UDF publishes a report on the aid that’s been delivered.

increase flexibility

Allow the organization to respond swiftly to changing needs in Ukraine without the limitations often imposed by one-time funding. Oftentimes, war sets its own rules and demands rapid actions. We strive to be prepared for such challenges and hope we can rely on your donations.

For the price of a netflix subscription you can save a life in Ukraine

A typical Netflix subscription costs $23. This is also the cost of a tourniquet that will be used to save a life in Ukraine. Tourniquets are one of the most requested items, and for the equivalent of just one Netflix subscription per month you can be sure you've helped save a life in Ukraine. 

choose a donation

Pick a donation amount comfortable for you.Remember: there is no such thing as a small donation! $10 per month makes a huge difference for us and for Ukrainian soldiers

Decide on a schedule

You can choose between donations scheduled every week, every two weeks (bi-weekly), and every month.

Enjoy The perks!

Besides knowing that you are making a good impact in the world and saving lives in Ukraine, you get access to discounts and fun perks!


More about those perks:

Get 20% OFF all of our Events and Tickets

Every donor automatically gets 20% off all event tickets purchased online! Once you enroll in a recurring donation you will receive an email with your discount code. Expect this email within 48 hours, but feel free to message us if you need it sooner or if you have any questions!

Automatic Entry to Online Raffles

You get automatically entered into our raffles with the amount of raffle tickets your donation would normally buy. For example, if the raffle ticket costs $5 and you donate $15 per month, you will be automatically entered with three tickets. Of course, feel free to buy more to increase your chances of winning!

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Surprise Give-Aways

Be on the lookout for surprises from us! 

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